Zest Showcases: Top 5 Regional Restaurants In India

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​Local Flavours Rule

​Here’s a look at restaurants in India that celebrate local flavours with absolute commitment.

​What To Expect?

​An accurate representation of cuisine and culture and extending it to the ambience, service and decor.

​1. Tsas by Dolkhar, Ladakh

​Tsas, translates to ‘a kitchen garden’ in the Ladakhi language. It’s a hyperlocal and avant garde vegetarian restaurant that sources its produce locally and ethically. The menu showcases reimagined modern Ladakhi cuisine, drawing inspiration from Spanish, Japanese and French cuisines.

​2. Paati Veedu, Chennai

​Paati Veedu brings together local stories and flavours in a fine-dining setup. The restaurant features south Indian vegetarian cuisine and focuses on recipes that have survived the test of time.

​3. Dum Pukht Begum’s, ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad

​From delicious kakori kebabs and biryani to a stunning array of other kebabs and breads, Dum Pukht Begum’s is where you’ll go to find traditional north and north west frontier food.

​4. O Pedro Mumbai

​O Pedro focuses on the shared history of Goa and Portuguese; its menu is traditional but not quite. As they like to put it, it’s a melting pot of Goan and Portuguese culinary influences.

​5. Cavatina, Goa

​Cavatina Goa is one of the most talked about restaurants from the beach town. Led by chef Avinash Martins, Cavatina is all about local Goan food but with a contemporary touch.

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