Zest Showcases: Top 5 Pan-Asian Restaurants In India

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​Pan-Asian Restaurant?

​A restaurant is referred to as a pan-Asian one if it serves three or more Asian cuisines in their repertoire.

​What to expect?

​A faithful representation of cuisine and culture, and extending the experience to design, decor, and service.

​1. By The Mekong, St Regis, Mumbai

​Authentic Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese flavours and traditions are reinterpreted in a modern way at By The Mekong, located at the St Regis in Mumbai.

​2. Ping's Café Orient, New Delhi

​Rakshay and Radhika Dhariwal's Ping's Cafe Orient is known for serving healthy and wholesome pan-Asian dishes and a range of amazing cocktails to pair with those.

​3. KOKO, Mumbai

​Mumbai-based KOKO is a gastropub that offers a remarkable dining experience. Head to KOKO for their gourmet Japanese and pan-Asian delicacies and stay for the amazing cocktails they serve.

​4. Yum Yum Cha, New Delhi

​Yum Yum Cha is known for being one of the best restaurants in New Delhi for Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine. What elevates the experience of dining at the bistro is its artsy decor.

​5. Seefah, Mumbai

​Karan Bane and Seefah Ketchaiyo's Seefah in Mumbai is a treat for Thai and Japanese cuisine enthusiasts. Authentic flavours and a friendly staff are a couple of things to expect when dining at Seefah.

​These restaurants were the top five nominees for the Zee Zest Unlimit Awards in the best pan-Asian category. For more information on Zee Zest Unlimit Awards co-presented by L’oreal Paris New Hyaluron Moisture, click on the button below.

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