Zest Showcases: Top 5 Cafes To Visit In India

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​What is cafe?

​A casual dining establishment with a keen focus on beverages, ie: coffee and/or tea.

​What's more?

​Not just skilfully executed beverages but also thoughtfully-curated food menu that pairs well with the drinks, and a cosy ambiance to create a complete experience.

​1. Roastery Coffee House, Jaipur

​An ode to Rajasthan’s iconic baoris, the Roastery Coffee House is one Instagram-worthy café to visit. Their menu ranges from types of pastas, pizzas, burgers, to lavish breakfast platters.

​2. The Craftery by Subko - Mumbai

​A bakehouse, roastery, and coffee shop in one, The Craftery by Subko serves some of the best hot and cold brews in Mumbai, and their modern take on classic dishes is well-received.

​3. Curious Life Coffee Roasters - Jaipur

​Don’t go by the appearance, Curious Life Coffee Roasters will surprise you with their top-notch varieties of brews and scrumptious bakes and café-style food to accompany those.

​4. Araku Coffee - Bengaluru

​Araku Café in Bengaluru is India’s first-ever Modbar and their award-winning organic coffee is a treat for coffee connoisseurs.

​5. Banyan Tree Café - Mumbai

​Located in Mumbai, the Banyan Tree Café comes with a side of art and design. Head to this establishment for good food and beverages, and stay for the art and design.

​These cafés were the top five nominees for the Zee Zest Unlimit Awards in the best cafés category. For more information on Zee Zest Unlimit Awards co-presented by L’oreal Paris New Hyaluron Moisture, click on the button below.

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