Zest Showcases: Top 5 Bakeries In India

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​The Sweet Addiction

​We all have a favourite bakery, a place with some of the tastiest baked goodies, be it sweet or savoury. Here are five of the best bakeries across the country.

​What To Expect

​A space that celebrates India’s fondness for baked products, serves good quality food that’s made from the best quality ingredients and of course a welcoming ambience and top-notch service.

​1. Padaria Prazeres, Goa

​A delightful bakery serving mostly European food, Padaria Prazeres will have your heart with their cakes, Berliners, Madeleines, and Financiers, among others.

​2. Mag St. Bread Co, Mumbai

​Most popular for their breads, this place bakes only with Indian ingredients to deliver breads of international quality. And they are all homemade.

​3. Paris My Love, New Delhi

​This French boulangerie and patisserie serves up some of the most delicious artisanal bakers and pastries, crafted by experts.

​4. Baker Street, Puducherry

​A concept store that sells traditional French foods including their delicious pastries, breads, baguettes, chocolate, macarons, cakes and cookies. They also have a delicious cafe menu.

​5. Conçu, Hyderabad

​Conçu is a cake boutique that specialises in bespoke celebration cakes. They also make delicious desserts that bring to the forefront the delicate European flavours in pastry-making.

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