Why Dry Ice Is Not Always A Fun Thing


​Cause of alarm

​A distressing event took place at a well-known cafe in Gurugram on March 2 in Haryana where five people were hospitalised after they mistakenly ate dry ice instead of a mouth freshener. The viral video showed the diners puking blood after consuming the substance.

​What is dry ice?

​For the unversed, dry ice, is a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2) and is known for its cooling purposes due to its unique property of turning directly from solid to a gas and does not have a liquid phase. It is used to keep things cold and is also used in theatre fog machines.

​Discomforts of dry ice

​If dry ice is swallowed it can cause bloating, stomach pain as it creates gas inside the body. These issues can also develop into serious health issues if it is not addressed at the right time.

​What to do if you consume dry ice

​According to medical experts, if you consume a lot of dry ice, it is crucial for you to take an antacid or cooling agent to get instant relief. One also needs to visit the hospital immediately to ensure one's well-being.

​Laforestta Cafe incident

​The incident that took place at Laforestta café in Gurugram where five individuals puked blood after eating dry ice, shows the dangers associated with accidental ingestion of this frozen carbon dioxide.

​Stay away from it

​Dry ice is used in restaurants for adding smoke effects to create, theatrical touch element to food and drinks. Although, one needs to ensure the importance of handling dry ice with care and that it is not ingested.

​Seek medical attention when needed

​If dry ice ends up inside your tummy, seek immediate medical help if needed. Professional guidance can address the symptoms and complications associated with dry ice exposure.

​What can happen if you eat dry ice

​Consuming dry ice can have extreme consequences. If ingested, it can cause harm to the internal organs and skin.

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