Viral Food Trends That Ruled Social Media In 2021


​Dalgona Candy

​People melted sugar, frothed it up with the help of baking soda, and then flattened it on a sheet to make brittle candy.

​Dalgona Candy

​They even pushed shapes like star, umbrella, and triangle at their centre and kids were challenged to carve out the shape using a needle. If the shape remained intact, they won—if not, a punishment awaited them. This game called ppopgi (toffee game on Instagram) was inspired by Netlfix’s most popular series titled Squid Game.

​Tortilla Wrap Hack

​Started by Miami-based Valentina Mussi, this hack involved dividing a chapati or tortilla into quarters, placing a different dish or ingredient in each quarter, folding, and then cooking it either on a tawa, grill, or a panini press.

​Vegan Bacon

​People following the plant-based diet went bananas over this nutritious vegan bacon snack that celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared on her Instagram profile. Banana peel, soya sauce, peri-peri seasoning, garlic powder, smoked paprika powder, and maple syrup are the ingredients used to make this zero-waste snack.

​Papad Aglio e Olio

​Trust Grand Trunk Rasoi 2 host and founder of Goila Butter Chicken Saransh Goila to experiment and create unique recipes using simple, pantry ingredients. This is his take on the Italian favourite pasta aglio e olio made using papad instead of pasta.

​Gold-Coated Food

​Delhi’s Yamu’s Panchayat, which is the country’s first paan parlour, introduced a Ferrero Rocher paan with edible gold varq and gold-coated cardamom seeds.

​Gold-coated Food

​Another example of gold-coated food is the range of burgers that Louis Burger introduced in 2021. This included two creations—Louis Grand Royale and Truffle Take, which had buns coated with edible gold leaf.

​Baked Feta Pasta

​This easy-peasy viral sensation involved baking cherry tomatoes and feta cheese in olive oil with a seasoning of herbs and garlic to create a creamy sauce, and then mixing boiled pasta with it to make a meal.

​ Air Fried Pasta Chips

​Another viral hack/recipe by Yumna in 2021 was an air fryer pasta chip that one could season with a seasoning of their choice. Easy to master and fuss-free, these pasta chips reminded many of fryums and yet these were cooked in an air fryer, so they were comparatively healthier.

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