Masaba Gupta’s Post Diwali Recovery Plan

Instagram/Masaba Gupta

​Masaba Gupta recently took to Instagram and shared her post Diwali recovery plan that she swears by. Take a look.

​She wrote, “Post Diwali recovery (I'm not gonna say diet cos don't believe in it, just believe in getting back on track after some fun). Also, this is everything that works/has worked for me! May not work for you so please suit yourself.”

​Her basics include, “Intermittent Fasting 16-18 hours - 1 litre of water as I wake up (total of 3 litres a day), oil pulling with sesame oil (5-7mins), haldi water gargle, eucalyptus oil steam, move - I did some yoga today and sweat is the greatest detox if there ever was one.”

​Sharing her light vegetarian lunch with no second helpings, she suggests, “If food has been your downfall – Let food, not starvation, be your medicine.” It includes sukhi dal, tendli, laal saag and buckwheat methi roti.

​For 5pm hunger pangs, she suggests a bowl of homemade kurmura with peanuts and chana and a tall, chilled glass of collagen.

​For dinner, Masaba prefers hara bhara kebab and some spicy Sriracha with Greek yogurt dip.

​Not just that, Masaba even shared the recipe for a digestive or de-bloat tea that she recommends drinking on an empty stomach and before meals throughout the day.

​For the de-bloat tea, all you need is 4 tsp jeera, 4 tsp coriander seeds, 4 tsp saunf, 4 cardamom, ¼ tsp of ajwain and 2 litre of water. “Put all the ingredients in a tea, boil it and bring it down to 1.5 litre,” she adds.

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