Ice Cream Rolls In Desi Flavours – Bizarre Or Acceptable?

Instagram/thegreatindianfoodie and Canva

​Weird food combinations continue to be all the rage on social media. And Indians are unlocking a new level each day.

​Recently, videos of ice cream rolls made using popular Indian snacks went viral. Tap to check out all bizarre ice cream rolls that left desi-Twitter fuming.

​It all started when a Delhi-based vendor combined masala dosa with ice cream to create a masala dosa ice cream roll. He served it with chutney and aloo ki sabzi – cringe much? This soon went viral on the internet, and it was followed by several other crazy combinations.

​Soon after, Gujarati favourites dhokla and khandvi were used to create a fusion ice cream roll by the same vendor, and most comments it received were of disgust and disapproval. This was shared on Instagram from the profile of The Great Indian Foodie.

​And just when netizens thought masala dosa and dhokla ice cream rolls were enough to haunt them for the rest of their lives, Delhi’s food scene saw the entry of ‘momo ice cream roll’. Imagine: vegetable momos mixed cream and dollops of vanilla ice cream.

​Someone even turned a kathi roll into an ice cream roll and we just can't! Have you already tried any of these bizarre ice cream rolls? Write about your experience to us at

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