Here's What Your Fave Celebs Are Digging Into

Instagram/Ananya Panday

​Parineeti Chopra

​Parineeti might be a globetrotter, but when it comes to food, she can’t get enough of desi Indian khana. In her recent post, she shared a delicious meal spread on banana leaves. She ended her meal with lots of rasgullas and mangoes, “Day off. No rules (The aesthetic was Indian today).”

​Malaika Arora

​Malaika Arora is having the time of her life, vacationing with Arjun Kapoor in Paris. The actress shared a series of pictures on Instagram that shows her bingeing on fries, burgers, pancakes, French toasts and much more.

​Taapsee Pannu

​Taapsee's love for European countries and food is a known thing. Enjoying her morning coffee with traditional pastries in Copenhagen, Taapsee wrote, “In Denmark they take their coffee and pastries seriously.”

​Kareena Kapoor Khan

​Kareena's Insta followers know what a big foodie she is. In her recent post from London, the actress shared how she had waited for two years to sip on her favourite coffee at her go-to restaurant, Pret A Manger.

​Rakul Preet Singh

​Rakul never misses out on sharing healthy diet recipes with her fans, the latest being a healthier version of bhel, suggested by her nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary, she wrote, "Healthy isn't boring and here is proof. I am addicted to this recipe.”

​Deepika Padukone

​Deepika loves chocolate! Sharing a picture of a sinful multi-layered chocolate cake, she wrote, “I missed you.” This definitely is making us drool.

​Mira Rajput

​Mira is currently vacationing in Italy and having a tough time finding vegetarian food in Sicily. Calling out the hotel for being insensitive to dietary requirements, Mira shared pictures of her food plate that only had sliced fruits and cheese.

​Sara Ali Khan

​During her London trip, Sara had shared a series of pictures, in which she was seen gorging on a plate full of chicken steak. Nom nom!

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