Have You Tried These Coffees In Bengaluru Yet?

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​From a steaming cuppa to a tall glass of cold coffee, these cafes in Bengaluru sure know how to serve caffeine in style.

​Coffee Mechanics, Hebbal

​A simple cappuccino here tastes like liquid gold (not that we know what that tastes like). With its flavour and consistency spot on and the delightful aroma of coffee beans – Coffee Mechanics is definitely a favourite.

​Maverick & Farmer Coffee, Ulsoor

​The clarified cappuccino here does not look like coffee, nor does it taste like one. It’s served cold after a regular cappuccino is processed to remove all the milk solids. What you get is a tall glass of refreshing iced coffee with delightful citrusy notes. Try it.

​Araku, Indiranagar

​Call it posh, call it elite, call it upmarket, but Araku knows what to do with coffee. This weekend, if you’ve an afternoon to spare, check out the Kaapi Martini here. It’s got espresso and orange syrup shaken together and served cold, of course.

​Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Basavanagudi

​Yes, it sounds like such a cliché that we love the filter coffee here. But Brahmin’s has been around for a while, serves delicious idlis and soul-satisfying hot filter coffee.

​Third Wave Coffee, across town

​Third Wave Coffee is expanding across the country and no, we are not complaining. And they have three new beverages that we have our eyes on. The white chocolate cookie crumble and orange darte frappe (served cold) and the orange date latte.

​Karma Kaapi, Jayanagar

​This café’s specialty creations are innovative for sure. Tried their activated charcoal latte yet? It also gives you the option to choose from a vegan variety. Cool, huh?

​Marzipan Café & Bakery, Ulsoor

​Marzipan’s cakes' regular cappuccino is one of the best in town. Try that with a slice of Victorian sponge with strawberries and you wouldn’t want to leave.

​Veena Stores, Malleswaram

​You won’t go to Veena Stores just for its coffee. You’ll go for the idlis but can you really leave here without washing it all down with a glass of filter coffee, no you can’t.

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