Fall In Love With Fries The Malaika Arora Away


​A plate of fries

​Malaika Arora had taken to social media to post an image featuring a plate of cheesy fries which was garnished with some fresh greens. We loved her '"Fries before guys" as the caption. How much do you love a plate of good fries?

​French fries, the popular one

​Crunchy on the exterior and fluffy, French fries hold a deep place in everyone's heart as it is a famous snack worldwide. Known to have originated in Belgium, these deep-fried snacks are seasoned with salt and is enjoyed with mayonnaise or ketchup.

​Idli Fries

​Idli fries were crafted from sliced idlis that are filled with spices and deeply fried. It is the combination of South Indian and Western food traditions.

​Sweet potato fries

​Sweet potato fries are made from thinly-sliced sweet potatoes which are either fried or baked. These fries have slight sweetness and are seasoned with salt, pepper, and different types of spices to enhance the flavour. An ideal replacement if you don't like regular potatoes but want fries anyway.

​Truffle fries

​Truffle fries, which were once a famous food trend, is when fried potatoes are tossed in truffle oil. It does have a strong aroma and might not sit well with everyone. But no harm in trying once.

​Matchstick fries

​Matchstick fries are similar to shoestring fries but are smaller and uniform shaped that bear a resemblance to their name. The slim shape of the fries makes it easy to cook.

​Crinkle cut fries

​There are many people who are fascinated with crinkle-cut French fries. You need to have a specialized cutter at home to make the same and is usually found in fast-food chains.

​Patatas Bravas

​Patatas Bravas is a Spanish potato dish which you need to try once in your lifetime. The foundation of the same is English chips or potato wedges. You can mix salsa brava, tomato sauce, vinegar, and spicy ingredients like peppers or paprika.

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