Expert Talk: Is It Safe To Eat Leafy Greens During Monsoon?


​Naavnidhi K Wadhwa, an independent coach for the psychology of eating, diet planner, and NLP expert from Mumbai, says, "These vegetables grow in swamp areas, which are breeding grounds for a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, insects, and other disease-causing organisms since they thrive in wet and shaded areas."

​According to Payal Kothari, a Mumbai-based integrative nutritionist and lifestyle coach, our immunity during the rainy season is low because of the changing weather, which makes us highly susceptible to infections and diseases.

​Kothari suggests, “Apart from the fact that they’re grown in swamps, we don’t know whether they are stored hygienically." She strongly recommends avoiding greens such as fenugreek, spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage.

​Contrary to other nutritionists, Delhi-based nutritionist Kavita Devgan believes, “One should not and must not avoid them but be a little more careful when cooking and eating them during the monsoon. You should, of course, avoid eating them outside at restaurants and dhaba since hygiene is suspect there.”

​The experts suggest washing these vegetables in warm water with a little bit of rock salt or vinegar.

​“This will help to wash off the bacteria and insects nesting on them. Also, scan the veggies carefully for worms and then cook them properly before consuming,” says Kothari.

​Shirin Kapadia, an independent nutritionist from Mumbai says, if at all we want to replace leafy vegetables with other ingredients, Kapadia recommends tinda (apple gourd), ghiya (bottle gourd) and bitter gourd.

​If you're still doubtful, go for these aforementioned seasonal veggies. They are light for the stomach to digest.

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