Expert-Approved Meal Planning Tips For Shravan


​From energising breakfast to a satisfying dinner, this guide by Dr Siddhant Bhargava, co-founder and nutritionist of Food Darzee, offers delicious and healthy alternatives to keep you nourished during this auspicious period.


​Start your day with a glass of milk and some dry fruits to retain energy. Pair the milk with fruits like chikoo or apple for a nutritious start.


​Include vegetables and a source of protein like cottage cheese or soya. Opt for nutrient-rich vegetables like spinach and kale.


​Try sabudana khichdi, moriya ki khichdi, boiled potato chaat, or singhara chillas as healthy alternatives.

​Evening Snacks

​Choose healthier options for rainy evenings. Replace fried foods with roasted preparations like papad or chivda.

​Evening Snacks

​Enjoy raw bananas or potatoes in limited quantities to avoid discomfort.

​Evening Snacks

​Stay hydrated with eight to ten glasses of water or green tea.


​For dinner, try chapatis made of rajgira flour, singhara flour, or moriya ki khichdi. Accompany them with two bowls of vegetables or salad with cottage cheese or soya.

​Indulge in a homemade dessert and end the day with a cup of skimmed milk and some fruits before bedtime.

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