Everything You Need To Know About Samahan Tea


​Samahan, a herbal drink from Sri Lanka has recently surfaced as the most preferred tea for the immune system.

​From British supermodel Naomi Campbell to Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, celebs swear by it.

​Not one, not two but a mix of 14 natural herbs is used in the preparation of Samahan tea.

​It includes Adathoda, Java galangal, Ajowan, Coriander, Flase calumba, Cumin, Liquorice, Long pepper, Black pepper, Yellow berried nightshade, Ginger, Convolvulaceae, Rubiaceae and Verbenaceae.

​Samahan is loaded with health benefits and is perfect for the monsoon to build your immunity and prevent cold and cough.

​It has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects that relieves headache and body aches.

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