Drinks To Get That Holi Hangover Out Of Your System


​Nimbu Paani

​It is recommended to include lemons in your post-Holi detox routine because vitamin C found in lemons reduces hangover symptoms and also detoxifies the body. It also cures bloating and indigestion.

​Apple, Ginger And Cinnamon Water

​This drink removes toxins from the body and improves digestive health. Apple makes the drink sweet, while cinnamon adds a spicy flavour. Fill a glass with water, put apple slices and a cinnamon stick. Let the ingredients stay in the glass for an hour before you drink.

​Green Tea

​After all those gujiyas, malpuas and bhaang, a cup of green tea can help you to detox the liver because of its antioxidant content. You can add honey and pepper to enhance the flavour. Green tea also helps in weight reduction process.

​Ginger Tea

​Ginger is known for having anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce inflammation in your body and ease nausea. You can feel better by consuming ginger tea or ginger candy.

​Cucumber Water

​Your post-Holi ritual can begin with a glass of fresh cucumber water that can help to remove toxins from your body. Simply slice cucumbers, chop mint leaves, and let them stay in water overnight. The combination of cucumber and mint will give a refreshing feeling.

​Beetroot Drink

​Drink blanched beetroot juice to cleanse your liver. Beetroots contain betalains that remove toxins from the body and helps you feel refreshed.

​Apple Cider Vinegar

​This combination of three ingredients creates a detox blend that works wonders for the body, particularly after drinking bhang. To make the concoction, you need sliced apples, two teaspoons of edible cider vinegar, one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey which is optional.

​Coconut Water

​Restore lost electrolytes with a glass of coconut water. It is a great source of hydration and has minerals like potassium, making it a great choice for rehydration.

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