10 Crazy Food Combinations That Are Making Netizens Cringe

​Rasgulla Chaat

​The latest in the league of bizarre food experiments is this take on the famous Bengali dessert rasgulla. Think rasgulla without the sugar syrup, topped with tamarind chutney, yoghurt, chopped dry fruits, and a special spice mix.

​Fanta Omelette

​Fried eggs in a gravy of aerated drink, spices and mashed potatoes, and garnished with cheese – this is what this omelette is in simple words. While soft drinks are the perfect accompaniment for street foods, in no way do we want to club them together.

​Dil khush cherry and cheese dosa

​Early this September, a social media user posted a video of a man making a dosa with cheese, paneer, cherries, dry fruits, and vegetables. Yeah, you read it right!

​Mango Dolly Ice Cream Chaat

​A Vadodara-based vendor’s take on the state classic dabeli is this ice cream chaat which uses the iconic mango dolly ice cream, mango candy, mango chutney stuffed in pieces of slice bread soaked in coconut water, and topped with grated cheese. *BRB, crying*

​Corona Pakoda

​As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to haunt us, someone somewhere has found this creative way to fight the fear of the virus.

​Ice Cream Dosa

​Forget dosa with noodles, mayonnaise, and even chocolate. Have you ever tried ice cream dosa?

​Maggi with Curd

​Should we call this as another ‘disaster’ with Maggi? Also, if you’re disgusted enough already, buckle up, there are two more bizarre combos to deal with.

​Chocolate Biryani

​A Karachi-based biryani seller left netizens shocked when he poured chocolate sauce over a perfectly delicious plate of biryani. It soon became a classic case ofjanta maaf nahi karegi.

​Ice Cream Paratha

​You may have eaten a hot, crispy paratha with pickle or white butter, but does the ice cream-paratha combo appeal to your taste buds?

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