Best Cosy Cafes In Delhi For A Perfect Winter Date


​Sly Granny, Khan Market

​The cool, hipster vibes and décor speaks of a life well-lived and adventures in far off lands. This cosy cafe is perfect for a relaxed get together with friends or family, and of course, good food and wine.

​L’Opera India, Epicuria Mall

​L’Opera immediately transports you to Parisian cafes. The aroma of freshly baked delicacies and the French-inspired decor is further accentuated with elegant vintage greyscale portraits for a chic spin.

​Music And Mountains, Greater Kailash

​This hillside cafe allows you to celebrate the best of fine wines, artisanal cocktails, European food, decadent desserts and more. The entire cafe is done with unfinished wooden logs that give a rustic feel just like its name.

​Di Ghent, Khan Market

​Gurgaon’s beloved Di Ghent cafe opened a new outlet in the bustling Khan Market. The quaint cafe will remind you of old European cottages. Name all the classic European dishes, this cafe serves it all!

​Fabcafe by the Lake, Sunder Nursery

​Delhi’s Sunder Nursery now has a warm and beautiful cafe by the Fabindia, just beside a lake. This outdoor cafe has bright patio umbrellas that add to the lush greenery while the inside of the cafe is more minimal. It’s sure a place to head to for sweater weather.

​Klap, Khan Market

​Another addition to Khan Market is a shining new eatery - Klap. This chic urban bistro bar has tall glass windows, mood lighting, cane chairs and lounge seating with faux leather upholstery while their array of dishes serves global cuisine.

​However, with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please check with the restaurants and their protocols when visiting.

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