A Week Of Being Vegetarian In Nepal


​Dal bhaat power

​In Nepal, 'dal bhaat' is a staple, and possibly one of the most popular dishes. The Nepalese eat it for both lunch and dinner most of the time. Head to Dalbhat Nepali Kitchen, Kathmandu for a treat.

​Veg Thakali

​A standard Thakali plate would consist of the following dishes: 'Mustang aloo' topped with 'jimbu' (Himalayan leaf garlic), 'dal', 'bhaat', 'tarkari' and a big dollop of ghee.

​Momos off the streets

​In Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, you may get these mouthwatering dumplings at nearly every corner. Restaurants serve upscale variations as well. Go to Ageno Thakali and Momo Station to experience momo bliss.

​Snack on panipuri

​Go to Boudha Stupa area in Kathmandu for a soulful 'panipuri' experience. Yes, it's equally popular in Nepal.

​Nepali samosas

​The enormous popularity of samosas among Nepalis is frequently attributed to one of the most well-known samosa restaurant, TipTop. Many Nepalis have always loved the snack with a sweet, tangy dip.

​The humble roti-tarkari

​The 'roti tarkari' is another veg combo that Nepalese people occasionally eat for lunch or dinner. The rotis are usually paired with yogurt and some vegetables such beans, potatoes or soy beans. Head to Bhumi restaurant in Kathmandu for a delightful experience.

​Meatless thukpa

​The veg thukpa is a well-known noodle soup which is made according to family recipes in practically every home in Tibet and Nepal. It is one of the most well-liked dishes in Nepal's Himalayan area and Kathmandu. It's quite popular through the year, but mostly in winters.

​Chocolate Yomari

​Chocolate Yomari is a unique dish from the Newari cuisine. It's a sweet dumpling made from rice flour with fillings that include chaku and khuwa. It  is supposed to generate heat within the body, keeping us warm during the winter.

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