8 Delicious Fritters To Indulge In This Monsoon

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​Moong dal fritters

​Monsoon season officially calls for hot fritters, paired best with a steaming cuppa tea. The universal favourite, served with mint chutney is super delicious and just what you need on a rainy day.

​Onion fritters

​Onion pakodas, chai and rains are a match made in heaven! This crunchy snack hits differently. Sprinkle some chaat masala on top and taste the difference.

​Mirchi fritters

​For those who like their snacks hot and spicy, mirchi pakodas and rains are a never-ending love affair. For a dip, try mint chutney or even a tamarind and jaggery sauce.

​Aloo fritters

​The humble and classic potato fritters are loved by all and perfect to satiate your rainy day cravings. Try them with the simple ketchup or even better, some mustard sauce.

​Palmyra fritters

​If you are bored of the aloo, pyaz and mirchi pakodas, we suggest you try the ‘taaler bora’, a popular snack in Bengal. It’s not as easy as the aforementioned fritters, and takes time to make but the batter, made of pulp, sugar, grated coconut, rice flour and ripe bananas, is absolutely delicious.

​Pumpkin flower fritters

​Chances are that you might have savoured pumpkin pakodas, but have you had pumpkin flower fritters yet? This delicate ingredient is not only special but also a delicacy, thanks to the small window of availability. It's also the best way to try a local Bengali favourite.

​Bread pakoda

​Bread pakodas are constants and you can’t have enough of them, especially on a rainy day. Spice them up with chilli powder and chaat masala and use the simple ketchup for a dip.

​Cauliflower fritters

​Don’t underestimate cauliflowers when it comes to fritters. It tastes absolutely delicious when coated in besan batter and deep-fried.

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