7 Kitchen Hacks Your Grandma Swears By


​1. Sugar to balance taste

​Add a pinch of sugar in your curries to balance the taste of your dish. The hint of sweetness brings out the savouriness better.

​2. Besan to thicken gravy

​The west uses roux and Chinese cornflour, Indian grandmas fall back on trust besan to thicken gravies.

​3. Foolproof way of cooking rice

​Double the amount of water to your portion of washed rice. If you’re using one cup rice then use two cups water to cook

​4. Steam rice

​Don’t forget to let the rice steam once the water has evaporated for perfectly cooked and fluffy rice.

​5. Don’t let onions make you cry

​Once you chop onions, soak them in a bowl of water to steer clear of tears.

​6. Cloves for toothache

​Chew on clove 1-2 cloves to relieve toothache and until you can go to a dentist.

​7. Open a tight jar lid

​Bang the jar lid against the counter gently but firmly. Et voila! The lid will now twist open easily.

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