7 Budget-Friendly Ways To Redecorate Your Home This Festive Season


​1. Decide What You Want

​A home is a reflection of your personality, so while redecorating, ensure you know exactly how your home should look and feel. Take into account the kind of space you want - for work or leisure - work on it accordingly.

​2. Personalise Your Space

​A house becomes a home only when it reflects your personal ethos. Decorate your space with memories from your travel, a piece of art you inherited, a collage of postcards you collected over the years - all of these can add a personal touch to your home.

​3. Make A Statement

​Heirloom pieces - brass uralis, copper pots, kansa plates - can be turned into statement objects in the living area, kitchen, or entryway or simply add a hardy plant by the window. As long as what you do reflects your aesthetics, almost anything you own can be turned into décor.

​4. Make Small Changes

​Making small changes will make a big difference. Redo one wall of your bedroom with a statement colour or put up new wallpaper in your living area, move around some furniture, bring in some plants, and you will have a totally new space.

​5. Repaint And Repolish Furniture

​Repaint and repolish old furniture in shades of cream, powder blue, or dusty pink, replace the heavy drapes and curtains to sheer fabrics, and re-do the sofa and chairs in shades of grey or taupe. This will instantly revamp and give your home a fresh new look.

​6. Natural Lighting

​Lighting plays a vital role in setting the tone of a space. Keeping the windows open or letting natural light enter through sheer curtains make the room more inviting, bright and exudes positivity.

​7. Add New Lightings

​Layers with diffused light and lamps, chandeliers, or pendants used as focal points are easy to execute. Invest in quality lamps and place them in spaces that you want to highlight — a corner in the guest room, a console in the entryway, a study table in the bedroom.

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