6 Expert Tips For Creating The Perfect Home Office

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​Celebrity interior designer Rupin Suchak shares six tips for creating the perfect home office for those who are permanently or occasionally working from home.

​1. Vibe

​Make the office space a little casual. We don’t have to make our part of our homes look like boring offices.

​2. Touch of green

​Make sure to include some indoor plants, and make the virtual frame breathe a little.

​3. The perfect space

​Try to find a quiet corner for your set up to ensure there is no disturbance during work time.

​4. Add depth

​It’s always good to get a depth in the frame rather than a flat wall. It could be a door with some background or a window or some greens at the back.

​5. Decor

​Include some lighting and jazz up the frame because it’s almost like you are in a movie. You won’t want to look at a film that’s not well designed.

​6. Upholstery

​Use some prints on upholsteries to add some element of colour and fun in your office setup.

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