Floral Decor Ideas for Summer To Spruce Up Your Decor


​A Ray of Sun.

​The sunflower symbolises vitality and good luck. A bunch of sunflowers arranged in a glass vase will immediately brighten up your space.

​One Colour

​Go for a variety of flowers but from the same colour palette, it makes for a gorgeous arrangement, and will add a hint of colour to a room with dull interiors.

​A Pop of Colour

​Add a pop of colour with one stalk of hydrangea flowers that makes for a gleaming piece of decor in the living room.

​White And Green

​A combination of white and green is a sure-shot winner. White roses placed in a white porcelain watering jug look classy and elegant.

​Go Green

​If you’re looking for something extremely economical but still want to add that hint of freshness, just place some stems of leaves such as eucalyptus stems or ferns in a tall white vase.

​Dried Pampas

​A quick way to add a boho-chic vibe to your room is to keep a vase full of dried pampas in a corner along with a rustic mirror and some macrame wall hangings.

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