8 Tips To Host An Eco-Friendly Diwali Party


​Going sustainable and environmentally conscious with your Diwali parties will not only help save time, and money but also be guilt-free. Here’s how to go about it:

​1. Invitations

​Ditch the old-school paper invitations. Social media, emails, even WhatsApp are your best bet allowing you to organise and manage RSVPs all in one place.

​2. Décor

​Bring out the unused mason jars, magazines, newspapers or plastic bottles, and go the DIY way for your Diwali party decorations. Pinterest to the rescue!

​3. No Disposables

​Why create unnecessary trash with paper and plastic cutlery? Diwali is a great time to pull out heirloom ceramic or China dishes and cloth napkins. If you’re short on crockery, borrow from your friends and neighbours.

​4. Buy Local

​Support local businesses and stores when planning a Diwali party. It helps cut down shipping costs and packaging materials.

​5. Food

​One of the best ways is to save on resources is to have a Diwali potluck. Everyone brings something in their own containers, and they end up taking back leftovers in the same containers.

​6. Drinks

​Make your own drinks and serve them in reusable glass bottles and tumblers to reduce waste.

​7. Clear instructions

​Give clear directions to your guests to ensure they know where the dirty dishes, non-recyclable and other compostable waste belongs.

​8. Party favours

​Plants in biodegradable planters, personalised goodie bags, wine or shot glasses, all make for excellent party favours. Opt for packaging that the guests can reuse–teacups, mason jars or cloth bags.

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