6 Delicious Curry Recipes Without Tomato

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​1. Tofu and ash gourd curry

​A sattvic recipe from chef Kunal Kapur’s kitchen, this is a tofu and ash gourd curry with a mildly spicy coconut milk base. It is best served with coconut rice.

​2. Mango and prawn curry

​This Mangalorean prawn curry uses raw mango to add that beautiful sharp sour and mildly bitter flavour.

​3. Chui Jhaaler Murgir Jhol

​This is a typical Bengali chicken curry with the addition of a unique spice called chui jhal (piper chaba). It is an additive spice that lends a spicy pungent flavour to the curry.

​4. Doi Maach

​Another Bengali-style fish curry that requires no tomatoes is this doi maach. It involves cooking chunky pieces of rohu in a mildly spicy and sour yoghurt-based gravy.

​5. Vegetable and Nut Curry

​Veggie lovers unite! This flavourful and creamy vegetable curry has a base made using mixed dry fruits, poppy seeds, and whole spices.

​6. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

​Served with saffron rice, this Kashmiri dum aloo features fried potatoes cooked in a spicy yoghurt-based gravy.

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