5 Mango Recipes To Try This Summer

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​The mango season is on in full swing, and if you want to make the most of the king of fruits, here are some unique ideas courtesy of chefs and experts at Zee Zest.

​1. Mango kulfi

​This creamy kulfi recipe by chef Ajay Chopra combines the goodness of Kesar, Alphonso, and Neelam mangoes, and their flavours are elevated with the addition of cardamom.

​2. Aam papad with kaju barfi

​Akanksha Khatri brings together two classic treats – aam papad and kaju barfi – to make this divine dessert.

​3. Mango cream chaat

​A unique take on chaat and falooda, chef Smit Sagar’s mango cream chaat has pieces of pav soaked in sugar syrup, mango juice, grated cheese curd, sweet boondi, mango candy ice cream, tutti frutti, and dry fruits.

​4. Mango lassi

​Give the traditional lassi a summery twist by adding mango puree to it. It lends a distinct sweetness and fruitiness to the beverage.

​5. Purab Paschim

​Chef Ajay Chopra’s purab paschim beautifully blends Alphonso mangoes from Maharashtra with Gondhoraj lemon from West Bengal to give you a refreshing summer drink.

​Now these were recipes made from ripe mangoes, if you love raw mangoes, then you must check out the link below. It features five mango dishes that sum up a Bengali summer.

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