5 Highest Waterfalls In India That Promise Breathtaking Views In The Monsoon

​Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

​Located in Cherrapunji town of Meghalaya, here you can witness water gushing down from a height of 1,100 feet.

​Jog Falls, Karnataka

​Jog Falls or Shimoga Falls in Shimoga District of Karnataka offer breathtaking views of rainbow in the monsoon along with heavy stream falling from 830 feet.

​Thalaiyar Falls, Tamil Nadu

​Also known as the Rat Tail Falls, it's one of the highest and widest waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. Falling from a height of 975 feet, it spans 13 kms on the Batlagundu-Kodaikanal Ghat Road.

​Thoseghar Waterfall, Maharashtra

​One of the most popular picnic spots for the residents of Mumbai and Pune, this 1,600 feet high waterfall looks best in heavy rains.

​Athirapally Falls, Kerala

​Located 63 kms from Thrissur, often called the Niagara of India, this waterfall is a part of the Chalakudy river. Surrounded by Sholayar forest ranges, here you can also witness unique species of flora and fauna

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