10 Best Bowls of Ramen in Mumbai

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​As the rain lashes against the window pane, there is nothing more comforting than a steaming bowl of noodle soup. Better still if it is ramen. So here are Mumbai's best ramen bowls (in no specific order).

​1. The Fatty Bao

​The Chasu Ramen here is a crowd favourite with an eight-hour broth made of pork bones, kombu, shiitake mushroom, garlic, soy, and bacon. The pork belly is slow-braised to a melting tender pork consistency and then sliced and seared on both sides to make it crispy.

​2. Milliways Broth Noodle and Bao

​This delivery-based kitchen makes the best Spicy Shoyu Ramen in Mumbai. The bone broth is cooked for 10 hours and can be topped with chicken or Belgian pork. Vegetarians can pick from marinated grilled tofu and braised mushrooms.

​3. Greenr

​Vegetarians and vegans can make a beeline for Greenr's Busan Hemp and mushroom ramen made using buckwheat soba noodles.

​4. Izumi

​The pork ramen and miso ramen are the showstoppers at this little Japanese eatery. With the perfect noodles ever, you can customise your bowl however you like.

​5. Mizu Izakaya

​The Sapporo-style ramen at Mizu Izakaya comprises of house-made noodles and a rich broth with notes of miso; not to mention traditional Japanese toppings.

​6. Seefah

​This is a non-pretentious bowl of shoyu ramen. But do not underestimate it--the tenderloin ramen is comforting and soul-satisfying.

​8. Wakai

​The Japanese curry-based ramen at this restaurant hits the right spot. The deep-fried chicken or katsu makes it a fulfilling meal.

​8. Kofuku

​One of the oldest standalone Japanese fine-dining restaurants in the city, the miso ramen here is known never to disappoint,

​9. Origami

​City's only conveyor belt restaurant does a mean ramen, like this shoyu ramen.

​10 . Seesaw Cafe

​The yakitori ramen here is simple with a focus on the beautifully grilled chicken (or mushroom). The confit-style broth made from charred veggies has a familiar yet unique taste.

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