5 Tips To Manage Frizzy Hair in Monsoon


​No matter how much we love the monsoon, there's nothing that can save us from hair-raising issues - think bad hair days, all days.

​The high humidity in the weather makes hair lame, frizzy, tangled, and leads to hair fall.

​Monsoon causes our hair cuticles to swell and open, which lead to increased tangling. Save your hair with these expert-approved tips.

​Avoid aggressive brushing

​To avoid hair damage and breakage, use wide combs, detangling brushes, vent brushes, and paddle brushes for your hair.

​Comb the right way

​Start at the scalp and use a board bristle brush to distribute the oils in your scalp evenly through your hair. It will not only moisturise the scalp but also increase circulation

​Shampoo everyday, if needed

​Use a milder shampoo if you need to wash your hair daily. You must steer clear from shampoo and hair products with sulfate, paraben, and dimethicone, must be avoided.

​A healthy routine

​Applying oil, shampoo, and conditioner on your hair thrice a week.

​Treat your scalp right

​Keep your scalp clean by washing it regularly, avoid external exposure like harsh heat and dust.

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