'Going Pantless' Is The Latest Style Trend You Need To Know About


​Empowering Origins

​The pantless fashion trend was last trendy in the early 2010s. It emerged as a rebellion against traditional fashion norms of the time and as a form of expression and a statement against the societal pressure to conform to conventional clothing standards.

​What does it look like?

​Various styles are trending RN. Oversised shirts or sweaters as dresses, pairing long tops with leggings or tights, or even sporting skirts and dresses without bottoms. For Spring 2024, the knitted briefs of micro-shorts seems to be taking the lead on the same.

​Celebrities love it

​Celebrities and influencers have played a significant role in bringing the trend back in vogue. Supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, celebrity influencers like Hailey Bieber and A-listers like Kristen Stewart has got the fashion community in a chokehold with their variations of the no-pants trend.

​Inclusivity for the win

​While initially more popular among "skinny" women, the pantless trend has become increasingly gender and size-inclusive. This could be the result of current fashion norms being inclusive in the first place but regardless of that, we love to see a wearable and inclusive trend gaining traction.

​Perfect for Spring/Summer

​The trend is adaptable to different seasons and climates. Bur for the summer especially, it offers a breezy and comfortable alternative to heavy bottoms. Plus, it's fresh off the runway from the Miu Miu SS 2024 how show; that's an added bonus!

​It's about the culture too

​It may not be immediately apparent but there is a certain level of social commentary attached to the trend. Shallenging societal expectations and norms regarding modesty and body image, fashion lovers are embracing their unique bodies and showing them off too!

​Let us have nice things

​No good deed goes unpunished! Despite its popularity, the pantless trend is facing criticism from traditionalists and conservative groups who're colling it indecent or inappropriate. But given that it looks fabulous regardless of how you style it, we'll say you do you!

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