Expert Talk: 5 Things You Should Never Apply On Your Skin


​Dr Aanchal Panth, Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon at Dermafollix Hair Transplant and Skin Clinic shares five things you should never apply on your skin. She even recommends alternate creams and DIY treatments for certain skin issues.

​1. Lemons

​Applying lemons will sensitise the skin to the sun which can further irritate your skin and cause skin darkening and hence should never be applied on the skin.

​2. Betnovate On Acne

​Betnovate is an absolute no no for treating acne! You should never apply betnovate on acne as it is a steroid and will worsen your acne causing overgrowth of bacteria and fungi on the skin. It is better to use adapalene as a spot treatment on the acne.

​3. Garlic On Mole

​A mole is caused due to a disorder involving melanocytes, cells that produce melanin in the skin. Applying any topical cream or garlic will not remove the mole but will burn the skin leaving a nasty scar. Instead get your mole removed by a medical procedure at a dermat clinic.

​4. Toothpaste

​Toothpaste contains a strong base that can burn your skin and leave dark spots and cause severe scarring and should never be applied on to your face. Apply salicylic acid or an acne patch instead.

​5. Baking Soda

​Baking soda is very alkaline and disturbs the natural pH balance of the skin causing irritation. It can further darken the skin due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

​ DIY treatment

​Some DIYs that Dr Aanchal Panth recommends is applying papaya or cucumber or curd mask which will brighten your skin and leave it glowing. For more beauty tips on skincare you can check out our style and beauty section.

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