The Don’ts Of Monsoon Skincare


​Managed to keep your skin healthy during the summers, but monsoon woes raining on your plans to maintain that?

​The increasing humidity can cause harm to your skin and lead to clogged pores and infections. Experts suggest you avoid these mistakes to ensure a healthy skin this monsoon.

​1. No hot showers

​Hot showers are comforting, we get it. But during monsoon you must avoid taking a hot shower because it may cause skin irritation and weaken your tissues.

​2. Avoid artificial jewellery

​Wearing trendy artificial jewellery pieces can keep you ahead in the fashion game but these can also increase the risk of breakouts.

​3. Choose your footwear wisely

​During the rainy season, it is advisable to avoid closed footwear since they made lead to sweating, which may cause infections.

​4. Limit Exfoliation

​Exfoliating your skin is essential but during the monsoon season, you must not do so more than twice a week.

​5. Avoid bleach

​The humid weather can lead to dry skin, and bleaching tends to dry out your skin further.

​6. Limit caffeine and alcohol in-take

​Excess of caffeine and alcohol can remove the natural moisture from your skin, and it may lead to wrinkling.

​And now that you know about what not to do, click on the tab below to know how to achieve a dewy fresh and glowing skin this monsoon.

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