6 Haircare Tips To Maintain Curly Hair In Monsoon

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​Keep the innumerable chai-pakora sessions and long drives aside, and the monsoon season won't seem as flowery.

​The season's humidity can leave you with frizzy and tangled hair. It can get even more cumbersome for those with curly hair.

​We've got some tips to help all the curly-haired girls keep their tresses healthy during the rainy season.

​Get your hair trimmed frequently to get rid of split ends. Keep a gap of six to eight weeks between trims for long, healthy hair.

​Haircuts may not make your hair grow faster, but they may certainly help get rid of split ends that lead to breakage.

​Use products that are created specifically for curly hair.

​Detangle your hair with your fingers, but don't comb or brush it because doing so may lead to loss of curls and cause hair breakage too.

​Adopt the scrunching action to add some bounce to your hair and reduce frizz.

​Replace your regular towel with microfiber towel turbans because they don't disrupt the curls.

​Leave-in creams and conditions to keep the shape and frizz in check.

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