5 Diet And Fitness Secrets Of Alaya F

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​When not giving out style and makeup goals, ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ actor and healthy living enthusiast, Alaya F, is busy inspiring her followers to focus on physical activities and clean eating. Here we reveal the Bollywood actor’s diet and fitness secrets.

​1. Yoga

​An important part of Alaya’s health and fitness routine is yoga. She swears by this ancient Indian practice and often shares pictures and videos of performing yoga poses.

​2. Dance

​The ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ actor is an amazing dancer. She practices several forms of dance - from classical Indian to contemporary.

​3. Pilates

​Alaya occasionally goes for a session or two of Pilates. Pilates is known to strengthen core muscles and help with body balance and mobility.

​4. Fitness challenges

​Check the hashtag #ChallengingAF on Instagram, and you’ll know that Alaya loves taking up fitness challenges on social media. It is her way of promoting better health. Here’s the actor taking up a 50-push-up challenge.

​5. Swimming

​Alaya prefers swimming as part of her fitness regime. Swimming not only helps you relax but it also improves our body’s balance, flexibility and coordination.

​6. Healthy, nutritious diet

​She follows a wholesome and nutritious diet and her meals are mostly cooked at home. She prefers dishes that fulfill her daily requirements of nutrients like proteins and fibre.

​7. Smart snacking

​She believes in healthy swaps. For instance, she beats dessert cravings post meals with jaggery and chapati.

​8. Hydration

​Alaya understands the importance of hydration to keep her body and mind in top condition. She has a detox water recipe of her own, which she prepares in the morning and drinks glasses of it throughout the day.

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