6 Tips To Choose The Right Sunscreen For You

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​The UV rays emitted by the sun may prove harmful for your skin and lead to skin ageing, sun burns, tanning, and even skin cancer.

​Hence, it is a must to apply sunscreen every two to three hours, no matter where you are. Tap ahead for expert tips by Dr Jaishree Sharad to help you choose the right sunscreen.

​1. Look for SPF 30 to 50

​You can determine the level of protection you will get from UVB rays (associated with sun burns) by checking the SPF of a sunscreen. The ideal SPF level is between 30 and 50.

​2. Check PA

​Protection grade of UVA (PA) measures the level of protection that a sunscreen provides against UVA rays (associated with signs of ageing and skin cancer). The higher, the better.

​3. Buy tinted

​Tinted sunscreens may provide a natural-looking tint while protecting your skin from damage caused by the sun and blue light from electronic devices.

​4. Mix sunscreens

​Both types of sunscreens have their pros and cons. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays, while the mineral ones reflect those. So, it will smarter to mix both for effective protection, shares Dr Jaishree Sharad.

​5. No grease, please

​Choose a non-greasy sunscreen because the formula is light in weight, gets absorbed quickly, and leaves no white cast.

​6. Skin type

​For oily or acne-prone skin, one must pick oil-free, water-based, or gel-based sunscreens. Meanwhile, for dry or mature skin, the ideal sunscreen is cream-based. Pregnant women and those with sensitive skin must invest in a mineral sunscreen.

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