Travel Accessories To Simplify Your Packing

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​From a handy wallet for all your documents to makeup bags, accessories are a must to make your packing easy and travels fun.

​Lifesaver bottles

​Going off into the wild? Keep your Lifesaver bottle handy. This water bottle’s two-stage filter protects against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, chemicals, and heavy metals. Made with the highest quality materials, the LifeStraw Play is durable, leak-proof and easy-to-clean.

​TOUARETAILS Travel Storage Bag

​Keep your little things in place with this organiser bag. It can accommodate things that we misplace easily – from adapters and pens to mobile chargers and earphones.

​Lify Travel Shoe Bags

​How do you pack your shoes when stuffing your suitcase? This set of 12 shoe organisers are perfect. They’re cute, come with drawstrings and don’t take up too much room.

​Tooth A Bit Tablets

​If you’re on a long-haul flight or just somewhere where brushing is not an option, carry these awesome tablets for dental care. It is a blend of natural plant-based ingredients and active fluoride to maintain healthy teeth by fighting cavity, plaque & bad breath, and the clove and cinnamon in it will help to prevent tooth decay and tastes good too.

​Lyrovo Travel Towels

​No matter where you’re staying, a travel towel is a must. These compact ones dry super quick, come with their own bags and barely occupy much space.

​Lingerie organiser

​Unless one is seriously particular, no one thinks of lingerie organisers. But you need them to keep track of your intimates and pack them properly. There are tons of cute ones out there, take your pick.

​Handwash Tablets

​It’s quite inconvenient to carry liquid handwash everywhere. It can get bulky, leak and make a mess. However, these handwash soap tablets are so convenient, easy to carry and come in cute tin boxes that won’t break or open on their own.

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