Top Places In India To Celebrate The Festival Of Colours



​Mathura is one of the top Holi destinations in India. The city is associated with Lord Krishna, who is believed to be born here. Devotees visit the Dwarkasheesh temple where prayers are offered to Lord Krishna and then play Holi with the deity.


​The "Phoolon Ki Holi" celebration is famous at Banke Bihari Temple. Visitors globally come to celebrate Holi festivities and catch a glimpse of Lord Banke Bihari.


​Barsana is known for Lathmar Holi festival. The celebration involves the usage of sticks, as the name suggests. During the festival, women traditionally beat men with sticks in a playful manner. This adds a unique touch to the festival.


​Holi is celebrated as Basanta Utsav in Shantiniketan. People prepare tasty meals, play with gulal. Students at Shantiniketan wear saffron attire, sing, and dance to Tagore's songs. Dol Jatra is another celebration that takes place in West Bengal where idols of Krishna and Radha are taken in processions. The Basanta Utsav forms an important part of the Bengali culture and tradition, showcasing the culture of the region.


​Pink City celebrates Holi with grandeur. Different cultural programmes, lively processions take place with the local market selling an array of Holi goodies.


​In India, Holika Dahan is celebrated on the eve of Holi where bonfires are lit to represent the warding off evil spirits. This tradition is religiously and grandly followed by the Mewar dynasty in Udaipur. The procession starts from the royal palace to Manek Chowk in the city palace. One can also get to see elephants and horses in different colours embellishing the entire procession.


​Holi is not prominently celebrated in southern India; it holds a symbol of merrymaking. It is known as Ukulli in Konkani, Manjal Kuli in Malayalam, Kamudha in Telangana, Kamadhana in Karnataka, and Kaman Padigai in Tamil Nadu. The festival commences five days earlier to the main day of Holi.


​You will experience a distinctive Holi celebration in Pushkar where camel races, cultural displays take place, and lively festivities add a unique touch to the festival of colours.

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