Top 8 Places In Mumbai Where You Can Try The OG Comfort Food, Khichdi


​Khichdi of India at Tresind, BKC

​Tresind's 'Khichdi of India' believes in the importance of food in India culture. The easy-to-digest rice and lentils dish arrives with 20 small white bowls filled with ingredients sourced from varied regions of the country. You will be taken on a culinary delight with their simple and yet versatile khichdi.

​Vrindavan Special Khichdi at Khichdi Samrat, Girgaon

​Diversity finds its way at Mumbai's Khichdi Samrat. The eatery is known for Vrindavan special khichdi and is name after Lord Krishna's favourite dish. They also have unconventional options such as the Dry Fruit Khichdi. If you want an old-school feeling of Mumbai and a pocket-friendly culinary feast, head to Girgaon for a bowl of khichdi.

​Italian Khichdi at Khichdi the Global Food

​Ever thought about what Italian-style khichdi would taste like? With branches of this eatery in Ghatkopar West and Borivali East, this place dares to make creative dishes. Imagine a warm plate of khichdi filled with macaroni, melted cheese and herbs. Khichdi Sizzler, Basil Broccoli Khichdi, and Paneer Tikka Khichdi is also something you need to experiment with. A little OTT, we know.

​The Khicdi at Matka Khichdi, Marol

​Food cooked in a matka can be finger-licking delicious, and this cozy joint in Marol will surely elevate your mood. From Lemon Wali Khichdi to Bombay Schezwan and Sadabahar khichdi, there are many enticing choices that the place has to offer.

​ Khichdi at Soam

​Filled with potatoes, green peas, and cauliflower and served with tasty Gujarati kadhi, you cannot miss trying The Masala Fada Khichdi at Soam. It is comfort food after a hectic day. It is what you probably need to slip into a night of restful sleep after. Soam has outlets in Mahalaxmi and Chowpatty.

​Butter Chicken Khichdi at Monkey Bar

​If you want to try something unique, go to Monkey Bar and try their Butter Chicken Khichdi with papad, dahi kachumbar, and achaar. If you are a butter chicken fan, this desi dish will satiate your cravings. If you are a vegetarian, have the Paneer Khichdi.

​Baked Masala Khichdi at Swati Snacks

​You need to try the Baked Masala Khichdi from Swati Snacks. It is filled with goodness and the crunchy fried onions add a dash of extra flavour.

​South Indian Style Khichdi at Khichdi Garden, Borivali

​Called Khichdi Garden, this fine-dining restaurant in Borivali serves 101 varied types of khichdis, including variations from the southern parts of India.

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