Top 8 Foods For Productivity In A 9-5 Job


​Besan Chilla

​When you have a 9-to-5 job, it gets difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan. Eating besan chilla for breakfast will keep you full, as it is high in fibre and protein content, thus controls hunger and also promotes healthy weight.


​Buttermilk is a natural probiotic which helps in keeping the energy levels high along with satisfying hunger and providing hydration. Your mid-afternoon cravings of eating junk will be controlled.


​Bananas are rich in natural sugar and potassium. It helps in making you mentally alert and boosts physical energy. The fruit aids in giving nutritious energy boost and also helps you in being focused.

​Roasted Chana

​Roasted chana has high fibre and protein content which helps in satiety and sustain your energy levels. They are good healthy, crunchy snack that will help you in being full, prevent overeating and also stabilise blood sugar levels.

​Mint Tea

​Mint tea is a better option than ginger tea as you call it desi tea. As it helps in digestion, you can replace it with coffee, if you are a caffeine addict. Apart from combating acidity, it gives a lift to the mood, aids gut health and helps in maintaining focus.

​Omlette with toast

​Our body is the most adaptable for absorbing nutrients during breakfast time. Eggs are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D and are a good source of protein. It also helps in strengthening the bones.


​Pistachios are loaded with healthy protein, fats, antioxidants which support heart health and maintain balanced blood sugar levels. You can get guilt-free satiety while getting essential nutrients for long-term health benefits.

​Idli Sambar

​A popular South Indian dish, a plate of idli sambar will keep you fill for a long time. Idli is filled with protein, carbohydrates while sambhar contains a lot of vegetables which forms a healthy breakfast or lunch option.

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