7 Activities To Indulge In At Your Next Maldives Vacation

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​One destination that became the proverbial talk-of-the-town during the pandemic was The Maldives.

​There were the only destination travellers could find respite from the lockdown. You could relax and soak in the sun and sand at any of the island resorts.

​Here are seven of our favourite activities at The Maldives:

​1. Live on Ocean villas

​The most luxurious and decadent way to spend your days in Maldives is one of these ocean villas perched right above the beautiful blue seas.

​2. Floating breakfast

​These ocean villas also have their own little pool, where every morning hotel staff will deliver an elaborate breakfast on a tray that floats—that’s what you call life!

​3. Snorkelling

​Discover the beauty under water, as you snorkel amongst as school of fish and enjoy the myriad hues on the abundant coral life.

​4. Jet Skiing

​Bouncing off the waves on the Indian Ocean, on a jet ski, is sure to generate an adrenaline rush.

​5. Glass-bottom boat

​The best way to admire the pristine clarity of the Maldivian waters is on a glass-bottom boat or canoe.

​6. Kite Surfing

​Take your adventuring to the next level with kitesurfing in the Maldives. May to October is the best time to try this activity.

​7. Fishing

​Head out at sunset in a traditional dhoni and cast your traditional handline to go fishing like the locals.

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