Top 10 Songs To Add To Your Airport Lounge Playlist

Instagram/Akira Kosemura

​Energy Within by Rahul Sharma

​Anger, impatience, and worry are normal feelings brought on by stress, particularly when there is a flight delay. Rahul Sharma's zen music track 'Energy Within' can help you relax at the airport lounge.

​A Final Wish by Takatsugu Muramatsu

​If you want to be in a better state of mind as you relax at the airport lounge due to your delayed flight, then listen to 'A Final Wish' which will make you feel positive.

​Day Of The River by Joe Hisaishi

​Zen music has a deep impact on the body as well as the emotions. Joe Hisaishi's 'Day Of The River' from the album 'Spirited Away' will help you keep cool

​A Nostalgic Winter by Jordy Chandra

​Jordy Chandra's 'A Nostalgic Winter' pays an ode for regular travelers by catering to their diverse moods. When confronted with unforeseen difficulties at the airport, pause to listen to this track.

​Let-Go by Rahul Sharma

​Rahul Sharma's 'Let-Go' is a soothing zen music track. The breakthrough song's captivating quality and sheer magic are exactly what a flyer needs when stranded at the airport.

​Evening's Soft Glow by Tim Janis

​Maintaining composure when anything goes wrong while traveling might be challenging. A peaceful track by Tim Janis is 'Evening Soft Glow' which will help you soothe your nerves.

​Healing Mantra by Graziella Schazad

​Graziella Schazad's Healing Mantra is a soothing song. It will help you find peace in chaos.

​Summer Ghost by Akira Kosemura

​When you find yourself in a difficult circumstance at the airport, 'Summer Ghost' by Akira Kosemura will help you feel better. Just sit back, relax, plug in your earphones and listen to this track.

​Two Of Us by Akira Kosemura

​Play 'Two Of Us' by the ear. This soulful track by Akira Kosemura will make your wait at the airport lounge pleasant.

​Mother's Land by Shivamani

​It is difficult to imagine a world in which Sivamani's percussion abilities are not well-liked. Sit back at the airport lounge and listen to 'Mother's Land' by Indian drummer Shivamani. You will be transported to a different universe.

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