Jacqueline Fernandez’s Secret To Flawless Skin

Instagram/Jacqueline Fernandez

​Removing makeup properly

​Jacqueline ensures that she takes off all the makeup before heading to bed. “Sleeping with makeup on can lead to congested skin and cause breakouts,” she says.

​Never without her sunscreen

​She never leaves home without applying a sunscreen lotion and refreshes it every 2-3 hours, especially when shooting outdoors.

​Hydrate, Inside And Out

​For Jacqueline, inner beauty triumphs all and to facilitate that one of her must-dos is keeping herself hydrated.

​Moisturise, Moisturise!

​“A good moisturiser can give you a glow of the gods,” shares the Sri Lankan beauty. "I believe in moisturising well, especially before makeup," she adds.

​DIY Face Masks

​Jacqueline has inherited a love for DIY beauty (home remedies) from her mother and is constantly whipping up quick face masks at home for healthy skin.

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