Sima Aunty From Mumbai Is BACK With 'Indian Matchmaking Season 2'!

Netflix India

​'Indian Matchmaking', a Netflix series that took OTT by surprise and storm, ended too soon. But now it’s returning on August 10, 2022, with a brand-new season.

​Had it not been for “Sima from Mumbai”, the show probably would not have given us as much spice as it did. What kind of matches does she have in store for prospective brides and grooms this time?

​Word has it that a few familiar faces from Season 1 are due to return this season as well, Aparna and Daman. Are the young millennials ready for round two of matchmaking?

​Despite her gregarious nature, Sima always manages to develop good relationships with her clients.

​Then again, there was Aparna. Remember how in Season 1, she hated everything, including comedy? Well guess what, she’s probably coming back in season 2.

​Season 1 had some poignant moments when some of us definitely went ‘awww’. Remember this walk in the rain where Shekar Jayaraman and Nadia Jagessar were getting to know each other in Season 1, episode 2?

​And how can we forget when Akshay (in Season 1) wanted someone exactly like his mother, who wanted to take all the decisions for his son.

​Will there be more funny moments and a few more weddings this season than the last? We cannot wait to find out.

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