Ranveer Singh Breaks The Internet With His New Photoshoot

Instagram/Kshitij Kankaria

​Is there anything that Ranveer Singh cannot do? The actor recently posed for a nude photoshoot for ‘Paper’ magazine.

​Ranveer strikes different poses, in the nude, on a Turkish rug, inspired by Burt Reynolds' similar cover shoot for 'Cosmopolitan' magazine in 1972.

​The interview for the magazine features Ranveer talking about his films, his fashion and also his familiarity with nakedness in general. One of Bollywood’s biggest stars right now, the article also dubs him the ‘Last Bollywood Superstar’.

​Fans were surprised and even shocked when the photos went viral. Here’s how the internet reacted:

​A few praised Ranveer's bravery, saying that it takes guts to bare it all, while others commented on his physique and hard work.

​ “Me after spending my entire salary” quipped one user, posting a picture of the shoot, while another joked, “Ranveer got so much trolled for funky clothes. That’s the reason he decided to not wear any.”

​As #RanveerSingh is trending on Twitter and some also attempted to fix the NSFW images, using Photoshop, to make them safe for public consumption.

​Well, when it comes to Ranveer Singh, be aware that the actor can not only break the internet but also has the strength to push boundaries and aim for the extreme.

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