Problematic Things Sima Taparia Said On ‘Indian Matchmaking Season 1’

All Images - Netflix India

​It’s wedding season and Sima aunty is back. As Netflix releases the promo of ‘Indian Matchmaking Season 2’, let’s take a look at some of the most problematic statements she made on the matchmaking show.

​Sima trying to normalise adjustments and compromises in a marriage by saying, “I tell all my clients, boys and girls, that they have to adjust and compromise. Adjustment also is a part of happy married life” is problematic by all means.

​Remember when Sima conveniently age-shamed Aparna in front of her mom? “So now she’s 34, then she didn’t find any good guy,” she said.

​Sima’s statements like “They want tall, they want fair, they want from a good family,” and “They are saying I want slim, tall and beautiful, but with a good nature,” mirrors Indian society’s obsession with fair skin and their regressive mindsets.

​If saying “In India, marriages are breaking like biscuits,” wasn’t enough, Sima also asked a pandit to predict the sexual heath and chemistry of her clients which made the viewers cringe.

​Commenting on someone’s height and physique is not acceptable. For one of her clients she commented, “She is very nice but she’s short. This will not match.” For another, she said, “But, what I found is, she’s not stable.”

​Taparia, trying to justify the deeply-rooted misogyny, casteism and colourism in arranged marriages, said, “In India, marriages are between two families, and the families have their reputations and millions of dollars at stake so parents guide their children.”

​Sima saying, “If anybody comes to me with a child, I mostly don’t take that case,” highlights the stigma associated with divorced women and single moms.

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