8 Indian Classical Dance Forms If You Want To Learn Dancing In 2022

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​Bharatanatyam is a prominent Hindu form of Indian classical dance that originated in modern-day Tamil Nadu and is recognised for its exquisite sign language of body motions, including facial expressions. Bharatnatyam is noted for its diverse hand gestures, known as mudras.


​An exquisite dance with North Indian origins, Kathak is said to have originated with the roaming bards known as Kathakars or storytellers in ancient northern India. It is known for its outstanding footwork and flawless rhythmic patterns.


​Kuchipudi, a traditional dance style from Southern India, is recognised for its synchronised footwork, outstanding eye movements, and breath-taking storyline - making it the perfect combination of Lasya and Tandava. This dance style incorporates both singing and dancing by the artist.


​Originating from the Hindu temples of Odisha, Odissi is an Indian classical dance, known for its unique features, which include hip deflection, postures with three body flexes, and hand gestures with an arching pattern. The Odissi dance form is performed amid the sacred and calm environs of Shri Jagannath Temple in Odisha.


​Kathakali is a fascinating art form that originated from a variety of social and religious theatrical traditions that existed in ancient India. It is one of Kerala's most spectacular classical dances, where 'Katha' denotes a story or a tale and 'Kali' denotes a performance or an art form. The costume and make-up are two features that clearly distinguish this dance from its contemporaries.


​Sattriya emerged from the neo-Vaishnavite movement begun by Srimanta Sankardev in Assam in the 15th century in Sattra, a monastery. This Assamese classical dance is another prominent Indian classical dance form. Vaishnavism adds to the appeal of this dancing genre.


​Inspired by the dance drama of Radha-Krishna called Raas Leela, the Manipuri Dance is a renowned Indian traditional dance form that originated in the Indian state of Manipur. The dance form is based on Hindu Vaishnavism themes.


​Mohiniyattam is a prominent dance from Kerala and is characterised by swinging and elegant body motions with no abrupt jerks or stops. The name 'Mohini' alludes to Lord Vishnu's beautiful female avatar who is tasked with putting a stop to evil forces. Apart from that, Mohiniyattam evokes images of attractive women dancing.

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