Here's Why You Need A Sunscreen This Winter


​With the temperatures lowering, your first impulse may be to stow a favourite SPF under the sink as many might question the purpose of sunscreen in winter.

​Protecting skin against UV damage is a year-round commitment. A thick layer of broad-spectrum SPF may be just as important as you are in the office, hitting the slopes or anywhere.

​Using sunscreen is not exclusively limited to the warmer seasons. You need it for the winter as well. And here’s why:

​It's no secret that no one likes fine lines, and sunscreen can help you keep your skin looking youthful. Sunscreen, however, will protect your skin from sun damage and sun spots.

​It’s no secret that winter winds and cooler temps can bring on dry skin. When you use sunscreen with moisturising ingredients, it’s less likely that your skin will become chapped, irritated, and dry.

​When applying sunscreen in the winter, you want to be sure that you are applying it in the morning or before layering up and heading out for the day. Before you dash off to the store to stock up on cold-weather SPF, you might wonder what exactly to look for.

​Since UV index and sun exposure is lower, SPF can be easily added to the routine by using a moisturiser that also contains SPF or by using a very lightweight SPF on top of your preferred moisturiser.

​The best formulas for sunscreen in winter are oil-free and made with titanium and zinc (physical blockers) as the main ingredients. You can also look for skin barrier-supporting ceramides to soothe skin.

​Now that you know why and which sunscreens are essential for winter, it's time to stock your winter beauty box!

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