How To Select The Right Perfume For The Winters


​There’s something ethereal about fragrances. As winters are guided by hibernation, our choice of winter perfumes gravitate towards warmer scents varying from sweet and amber to woody and leather.

​Here's a list of notes and fragrances recommended for winter, divvying them up between day and night.

​1. Look For Warm Scents

​When it comes to fragrances, warm-sweet or woody scents are typically the best to keep in your collection during the winter months. Winter resonates with such notes that keep you warm amidst the chilling winds and cold.

​Even, spicy notes such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, oud, and sandalwood are popular this season for their energising qualities. Even warm, creamy notes of vanilla, caramel, tonka bean, and cedar are some of the best notes that can be worn.

​2. Experiment With Perfume Layering

​Go for perfumes that have citrus openings with leather and tobacco undertones for your winter evenings. These will give a long-lasting impression and leave a powerful impact.

​3. Lighter Perfumes Work Too

​During winter days, notes like neroli, tuberose, frankincense, cinnamon, and pink pepper are great. Fresh, floral scents can serve as a pleasant reminder that warmer, sunny days are on their way.

​Further, to classify a scent based on the time of the day, a fresh, floral, warm spicy fragrance would be suitable for the day while a darker, warmer, intoxicating scent would be a great choice for the night.

​When choosing a winter perfume scent, select those scents which remind you of the season. However, give yourself some time between smelling different perfumes to give the fragrance a chance to settle down.

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