Holo Love: Spanish Woman To Marry Dish-Washing AI Partner


​Nothing is impossible

​Is there anything not possible in this day and age? In a bizzare turn of events, a Spanish artist who had fallen in love with her AI hologram partner is all set to marry him.

​Partner does not exist

​You read it right. Alicia's partner does not exist in real, but she announced that she is marrying him anyway. The marriage ceremony will happen in Rotterdam and shall represent a merger of human relationships with technology. How weird that can be?

​Virtual couple

​A video of the woman with her AI holographic partner has gone viral where the 'couple' can be seen eating together. Reportedly, the lady was mentioning about adding sweet potato to the dish that she was 'feeding' to her AI partner.

​All about the holographic man

​Allegedly, the holographic man in the video was also seen doing dishwashing. He had also asked the Spanish lady, how her day had been. Bizarre it sounds, isn't?

​How was the AI partner created?

​Fremis, reportedly created her AI man by using data from former relationships, thus giving rise to AiLex, the holographic man. The funny thing netizens noticed in the viral video was how could a holographic person wash dishes? Would they have holographic kids in the future was another key note.

​Love is blind

​Well this is not for the first time a person has fallen for an non-human. Earlier, a South Korean man had got married to a pillow whom he named as Fate Testarossa.

​Finding love in weird things

​There have also been instances of men marrying characters from video games, and women marrying varied buildings and objects.

​First lady to marry a hologram

​Coming back to the lady, she will be the first woman to get married to a hologram, according to her bio. From a man getting married to a pillow, to a goat and now this lady marrying her AI partner; what more types of love stories do we need to see?

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