8 Dos And Don'ts For Hair Colouring


​Hair colouring continues to be a popular trend but we can't help but admit that it can leave our tresses dull and dry.

​Fortunately, you can keep your colour-treated hair healthy with simple yet effective tips by experts.

​1. The right shade

​No matter what colour you choose, make sure it suits your skin tone. Also, go for shades lighter than your natural hair.

​2. Use natural colours

​Opt for ammonia-free and natural colours since they are free from dangerous chemicals and won't affect your skin and scalp.

​3. Avoid shampoo for 72 hours

​Wait for at least 72 hours after colour to wash your hair. This will give your cuticles some time to close and the colour to set.

​4. Keep heat away

​Colour-treated hair can easily be damaged, especially by heat. Avoid heat-based styling tools. And if you must use such tools, use heat protectant spray.

​5. Avoid hairsprays

​Don't use hairsprays on a daily basis, the chemicals in them can contribute to colour fading and may take away the sheen from your hair.

​6. The right hair brush

​The perfect hair brush can prevent colour fading and promote shine in colour-treated hair. For instance, if you have layers and want a volumnious look, opt for a round natural bristle brush.

​7. Hair spa

​Colour-treated hair may get dry and rough after a point so it's you can opt for a hair spa at least once a month to keep your hair healthy and nourished.

​8. The right products

​It is advisable to use leave-in treatments to hydrate your hair and protect the scalp.

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